Echoes of the Last War (Mini-Campaign)

Session 1: Horrors of the Tower

Our story begins as a group of would-be adventurers bands together for the first time.

It is the year 994 YK, and the Last War, a generations-long conflict, continues to grip the continent of Khorvaire. The nation of Breland, a powerful country that has been worn down by the seemingly endless conflict, seeks to strengthen its border with Cyre, the most affluent and cultured nation on the continent. A critical supply route on Saerun Road must be secured, and while the main Brelish force is sent to battle with Cyre and its allies, a special unit is sent to secure a nearby tower and rescue a captive officer, one Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden. Rumors also swirl around of Emerald Claw involvement, an evil mercenary organization affliated with the nation of Kaarnath.

Dispatched to take on the mission, the troubleshooting PCs head up the hill to the Tower of Scars. After scouting about, they find the ancient remains of an altar devoted to the Dark Six, a pantheon of evil deities sharing a similar origin with their much more benevolent counterparts, the Sovereign Host. In addition, a standing stone of primal power is uncovered, wrapped in dark vines, its waning magic still able to be harnessed by those who can read the runes and incant the commands.

Opposition soon appears at the tower, when a small, aberrant humanoid known as a dolgrim begins to assault the PCs. It’s soon revealed that the multi-mouthed, four-armed dolgrim isn’t alone – several dog-sized insect-like creatures known as kruthik emerge from the rubble near the tower and make for a bloody first battle.

While the fight rages on, the Lord Major and his aide Aric Blacktree are discovered as captives in the tower. Bren is chained to some sort of arcane sigil, while Aric lies nearby in a catatonic state, no doubt gripped completely in fear of what fate could await him with the dolgrim and its pets. The arcane sigil seems to bear some sort of connection with the Draconic Prophecy, an enigmatic narrative that purportedly tells the fate of the world.

The PCs manage to best the dolgrim, kill the kruthik hatchlings, and rescue the Lord Major and his aide. After reviving Bren, they find out that the dolgrim was apparently attempting to use the energies in the sigil to trigger the formation of a dragonmark on his body – an arcane symbol imbued with wondrous powers found on some humanoids, believed to be a physical manifestation of the Draconic Prophecy. While investigating the arcane sigil, the PCs learn a bit from it, and find the following verse:

_Six at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar. _

Collecting up the former captives, the PCs get ready to leave the tower, finding only that the rumors of Emerald Claw involvement prove to be true, as a force of undead lead by a necromancer and her guard approach, intent on claiming Bren for their own and slaying all that stand in their way.



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