Echoes of the Last War (Mini-Campaign)

Session 2: A Time to Mourn

The characters face off against the Emerald Claw and a necromancer as the Day of Mourning falls on Cyre.

With a strange, arcane storm rolling in, the PCs prepare for combat. While the Brelish army squares off against the Cyran forces in what will be known as the Battle of Saerun Road, the PCs ready themselves for a skirmish against agents of the Emerald Claw – a mercenary organization with ties to the undead-employing nation of Karrnath.

A decrepit necromancer, shrouded in black bearing a crooked bone staff with a strange magical charm commands a group of zombies. With her is a stout Emerald Claw soldier, no doubt her bodyguard. The zombies shamble towards the PCs en masse, while the necromancer uses her formidable necrotic magic to impede and infect our heroes. The soldier deftly maneuvers to position himself ahead of his charge.

The rag-tag special unit has none of it, however, and with some assistance by the Lord Major’s wand and sword, they manage to make short work of the necromancer, leaving the soldier for last. While the combat continues on, flashes of orange lightning and a strange mist can been seen rolling ever closer to the battle raging on the border road between Breland and Cyre. With the final blow landed, the PCs are victorious in their fight, but catastrophe befalls their allies on the nearby Saerun Road.

Screams of pain and death rise up the hillside, as the forces fighting on the border are consumed by this strange storm. After only a few moments, the wails and cries grow quiet, as all along the border of Cyre are forever lost in the mist. The Day of Mourning, a cataclysmic event that will define the beginning of the end of the Last War, has struck down the entire nation of Cyre. The PCs were fortunate to be on the Brelish side of the front, spared a horrifying end. The Lord Major, his aide, and the characters head back to the rear army support area to complete their mission and find out the true nature of the event they witnessed.

Treasure: +1 amulet of double fortune (found on the necromancer) +1 scale fortification armor (found on the Emerald Claw soldier) 120 gold as a reward for rescuing the Lord Major

Advancement: You’ve made 1st level!



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