Echoes of the Last War (Mini-Campaign)

Session 3: A Time to Mourn

Four years later, the PCs reunite, and face off against a horror with a tie to their past.

Four years go by. The PCs finish out their service with the army of Breland. The events of the Day of Mourning, which completely destroyed the nation of Cyre, leave the remaining nations stunned and serve as a wake-up call to the tiresome conflict between them. Now with an uneasy peace between them, a existence without an overt war begins to slowly become the way of life.

In the massive city of Sharn, also known as the City of Towers for its connection with the Syrania, an astral dominion that is filled with elemental air, the PCs are invited to attend a special memorial on the 4th anniversary of the Day of Mourning by Bren ir’Gadden. For many of the PCs, this invitation serves as a good excuse to reconnect with the others that long ago went their separate ways, a rekindling of a bond forged through the shared witnessing of the events on that horrible day.

For a short time, the PCs mingle with one another, talking about the past and what they’ve been doing of late, while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Many other guests have gathered on the balcony of a prominent towertop in Sharn, including several displaced Cyran nobles and officers that were away from their home on that terrible day.

Almost as soon as the ceremony begins, trouble finds the PCs. A strange mist pours out of a nearby room on the balcony, coalescing into a terrible ghost-like mist ape, something that the characters identify as a Mourning haunt, a spirit that is somehow connected with the Mournland (the new name for the dead zone once called Cyre). The haunt’s fog and whispy tendrils slow the PCs down as they move in to attack, and the Mourning haunt begins to savagely lash out at any within reach. One of the Cyran nobles is killed outright, and another plummets to his death as the spirit attacks all near it.

However, in the end, the PCs prove victorious over the Mourning haunt, sending it back from whence it came and saving the lives of 13 innocents. However, many questions now remain in the aftermath of the haunt’s attack. What really was that thing? Where did it come from? Why was the haunt sent here? And what could it have wanted?

Treasure: The PCs are thanked by the survivors with a reward, netting them 50 gold.



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