A mysterious passage of the Draconic Prophecy is uncovered on the Day of Mourning by a band of allies working for the army of Breland. Years later, they reunite on a journey that will embroil them in a scheme perpetrated by a shadow of their past.

“Echoes of the Last War” is a 9-week Eberron mini-campaign, played in one encounter installments over the course of several weeks, beginning on December 30, 2009 and concluding on March 10, 2010. In it, characters play through a “level 0” prelude set in the days of the Last War, and then are moved forward in time to the present day, 998 YK. The remainder of the campaign is set in and around the city of Sharn in Breland.

The party consists of:

Terryn, a half elf and a former officer in the Brelish army (Scott)

Oris, a deva working as an espionage agent, attached to the Brelish army during the war (Rob)

Haka, a dragonborn cavalryman in the Brelish army (Wolfe)

Ren, a changeling archer working with the Brelish army during the Last War (Bobbi)

Isolde, an acolyte of the Sovereign Host helping others as a medic (George)

Ganen Thonin, a human and archer formerly serving in the Brelish army (Tony)

Echoes of the Last War (Mini-Campaign)

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